Caregiver Respite

CareSphere's Caregiver Respite Services

Our Respite services provide relief to primary Caregivers (e.g. a spouse, son, daughter, friend, or relative) a break from providing supportive and supervisory care to someone who is dependent on their presence or assistance. Respite can be for a few hours or a few days depending on the individual situation. It can be provided occasionally, or periodically on a regular basis.

Respite will enable Caregivers to:

deal with a crisis
take a planned, brief absence, such as a vacation
deal with their own medical issues (e.g., appointments, procedures)
have an opportunity to rest, relax and catch up on sleep
spend quality time with friends and family
take time for themselves to exercise, shop, do personal care, and run errands
Respite services, which we can provide to when Caregivers are absent include:

assistance with personal care activities (e.g. oral care, bathing, dressing, mobility, and grooming)
medication assistance (e.g. reminders, removing medications from Blister packs) homemaking (e.g. cleaning, laundry)
meal preparation and clean-up
help with exercises (e.g. range-of-motions exercises)
promote well-being (take out for walks, conversation)


Every client requires different types of care, and our CareSphere team works closely with our clients’ physicians to make sure their care plans are being administered properly. Not only will our clinicians perform these services, but they'll also teach and advise you and your family every step of the way so you understand the care your loved ones are receiving.


As seniors and their families continue to choose in-home care over more costly nursing homes and assisted living facilities, it is wise to explore affordable ways to pay for at-home care. Let CareSphere navigate your options!