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Meet The Team

Providing operational and strategic planning, our leadership team at CareSphere strives to give customized and meaningful care to anyone who calls our communities home. At CareSphere, we don’t settle for the status quo. Every member of our team pushes to find new ways to empower people with purpose and fulfillment.


But the expertise doesn’t stop there! Every CareSphere staff member is trained and empowered to offer new ideas that can improve care. We’re proud to have a dedicated team that is able to connect with patients in a meaningful way. With every strategy, interaction and care plan, we aim to make a situation better than when we found it. Get to know our leadership team below:


Yita Mandel - President

We believe that if our caregivers are happy, our patients will be happy. Everything we do, we do it with heart.

Yita focuses on bringing administrative, innovative, and expanding ideas in healthcare. With her experience in the healthcare field, she helps design and implement innovative solutions. She's seen the struggles of the industry, so she makes it a priority to make an everlasting impact in the field. For any assistance or guidance, Yita will be there throughout your journey!

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Malky Neiman - CEO

To be surrounded by the best, we set our priorities to our patients AND caregivers

Malky's focus is on efficient operational processes so there can be a professional environment that's productive. Her top priority is the employees and caregivers: to make them happy. She has combined experience of 10 years in the home health care field. With her incredible scope of knowledge in home care and people, she will continue to create new ventures, consolidate services and implement the perfect solution to failing processes. If you need any help or have any inquires, she is here!

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Our Team

Nicole Dibenedetto

Patient Intake Specialist

Melmarie Vega

Client Service Coordinator

Nicole is a Patient Intake Specialist at CareSphere, helping the company by being the first point of contact for most patients...

Melmarie's, our Client Service Coordinator,  love of helping others, meeting new people, and caring for others makes her a great fit...

Client Service Coordinator

Angelika Burkowicz

Angelika, our Client Service Coordinator, loves helping others, meeting new people, and caring for others. This made her just the perfect fit for working with...

Case Manager

Amalia T.

Amalia is the support system of our patients and aides. She is responsible for assigning the cases to our aides. Amalia's organized, empathetic and eager personality has made it...

Human Resources Specialist

Ariana Lopez

Ariana is responsible to develop a supportive work environment. She provides administrative support to employees and evaluates performance at CareSphere.

Jazmin Riley

Client Service Coordinator

Jazmin is our Client Service Coordinator, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to CareSphere. She assists in...

Erika Godinez

Accounts Receivable

Erika serves as the Accounts Receivable Representative at CareSphere, in charge of billing, accounts receivable..

Jennifer Meyers

Jennifer came to CareSphere with knowledge in recruiting, training and mentoring, and now serves as a Client Service Coordinator. She..

Client Service Coordinator

Recruiting Specialist

Melissa Ayala

Melissa serves as a Recruiting Representative, bringing her home care experience to CareSphere and helping recruit top-quality...

Recruiting Specialist

Hailey Sanford

Hailey's journey in CareSphere has been a progressive one, ranking up from Intake Specialist to Recruiting Representative. She serves with...

Marketing Specialist

Jenna Gerner

Registered Nurse

Mel Rivera

Mel, our Marketing Specialist, ensures that the CareSphere brand prospers. Having background in agency work and digital design...

Jenna is a Registered Nurse at CareSphere, assisting patients and providing exceptional care to others. She brings medical knowledge...

Sara Halley

Patient Intake Specialist

Erika serves as the Accounts Receivable Representative at CareSphere, in charge of billing, accounts receivable..

Sara Halley

Client Service Coordinator

Erika serves as the Accounts Receivable Representative at CareSphere, in charge of billing, accounts receivable..

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