• Log details of patient health, both physical and mental.

  • Aid patients with personal care, including bathing, grooming, dressing and following exercise or medication regimens.

  • Assist with toileting, including the use of a commode, toilet, and bedpan.

  • Aid with ambulation, including the use of a wheelchair, cane, and walker.

  • Perform errands, such as grocery shopping, simple deliveries and transporting the patient to appointments

Any individual applying for the home health aide jobs must have the following qualifications to be employed at CareSphere: 


Required Qualifications:​​

  • In-depth knowledge of procedures and techniques required in providing the appropriate patient care. 

  • Considerate the changes and differences in patient care depending upon their religion, culture, and medical preferences.

  • Ability to read, print, and communicate simple instructions and notes. Basic understanding of personal care techniques.

  • Must have the knowledge and the ability to apply the principles of infection control

  • Ability to speak clearly so the patient and family members may understand them. Ability to handle the patient with compassion.