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Your Guide to
Payrolls, Clock In/Out, Expenses, and Viventium

Clock In/Clock Out Procedure

Viventium App Walk-through

Expense Sheet Explained


Everything You Need To Know

Attendance (Clock In/Clock Out)

CareSphere records and tracks all attendance. CareSphere has made it easier for the employees are to be able to see an online report of their time clocks and punch in/out break down on Viventium. 

How To Request Time Off

CareSphere appreciates how hard employees work and recognizes the importance of providing time for rest and relaxation. 

Caresphere offers reimbursements for all valid business connection expenses (example: mileage). All expense requests must be submitted by Monday 12pm for it to be paid that week

Expenses & Reimbursements

Attendance (Clock In/Clock Out)

All CareSphere employees have to ‘clock in’ to punch in their start times and ‘clock out’ when their workday ends.

CareSphere uses Viventium to record and track all attendance. All employees are able to see an online report and break down time on Viventium. 


Forgetting to punch in/out will lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

If you did forget to clock in/out, message malky immediately with a detailed reason. If you fail to do so the entire day will be unpaid (this is automatic. The payroll processor won't be able to see if someone forgets).

You can only clock in once you are all ready to work. Refrain from taking breakfast breaks or conversation breaks once you clock in.

You must be ready to begin work at 8am (clocking in after 8:30am without submitting a time off request with a reason for the late arrival, is considered an unexcused absence.)


Lunch Break

CareSphere provides a 1/2 hr paid break for any day in which an employee works more than 7 hours.

Remember, if you arrive late or need to leave early any day which causes that day to not have worked 7 hours, you do not qualify for a lunch break. You must clock out before taking your break and clock back in after your return.

How To Request Time Off

Log onto your Viventium application.

On the home screen, you will see your

time off banks. Click on the type of time   off you are requesting and enter the

exact date and time you need off for.
Remember to enter a reason for the time off.

This is directly send an email to your supervisor for approval.

Please Note: The time off is only approved if you receive confirmation email. You will be able to track ur time off request status on the Viventium application.


Please DO NOT teams or email your
supervisor for any time off request directly.


Keep in mind you will not be able to request time off if you don't have available time in that bank. You cannot take more time off than you are allotted.

b. The time off bank for bereavement, covid sick, disability and paid family leave is set to 0 for all employees. This is by default, but it will still allow you to request time off, should your time off fit that time off type.

c. If you request off for a reason which does not match the time off type, the request will be denied.

d. For PTO requests it MUST be submitted 14 days in advance. If there is no 14 days' notice the request will be denied. notice is not when u mentioned it to your supervisor but instead notice starts when its
submitted on Viventium.

e. A no call no show for 2 consecutive days will be considered as job abandonment and automatic termination.

Expense & Reimbursements

Caresphere offers reimbursements for all valid business connection expenses (example: mileage).
Please use the smartsheet below to submit your reimbursement request.
Please make sure you enter each expense and a detailed description along with your request. ENTER the date of the expense made and NOT the date of submitting the request
(date on Smartsheet form)

You can only request for an expense reimbursement if it was approved by your supervisor in advance

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