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Ensure The Best For Your Child With Our Pediatric Shift Care Services

Every parent pours their heart and soul into giving their child a fulfilling life. Recognizing this dedication, at CareSphere, our pediatric nursing team is handpicked based on their medical expertise and their compassionate nature. While our care can never replace a parent's love, we are dedicated to standing beside you, offering the best for your child.

We offer comprehensive pediatric shift care services both at home and in school, ensuring your child receives consistent care, giving you more time for cherished moments.

Painting Face of downsyndrome child
Portrait of a Down syndrome Boy with Glasses

What Is Pediatric Shift Care? 

Pediatric Shift Care can be defined as private duty nursing care or Home Health Aide services offered to children with complex medical needs at home in shifts, aiming to offer high quality at-home care while easing the burden on caregiver.

Pediatric Health Care is more complicated than that of an adult. CareSphere offers its services to children of all age groups including newborns, infants, teenagers, and other pediatric clients. 

We are honored with the faith you put in us to take care of your little ones. We aim to make sure that we make this process as smooth as possible for both the child and parent. Our team will keep you updated with the procedure and help manage your child’s symptoms at home. 

An ailment or injury in a child doesn't just affect them, it resonates with the whole family. We at CareSphere we understand the challenges involved in tending to your child's specific needs

Ensuring your child's wellbeing at school is paramount. Our specialized Pediatric Team extends their services to cover every facet of your child's care, from rudimentary personal assistance to intricate medical care.

How Does It Work?

A Registered Nurse, Licensed practical Nurse or Home Health Aide can be in your home or childs school setting for several hours each day to care for your child's daily needs, administer medications and make sure your child's condition remains stable so he or she can stay at home and out of the hospital.

We Cater To All Needs

Every client requires different types of care, and our CareSphere team works closely with our clients’ physician or care managers to make sure their care plans are being administered properly. Not only will our caregivers perform these services, but they'll also teach and advise you and your family every step of the way so you understand the care your loved ones are receiving.

Get Your Services Covered

At CareSphere, we believe in working hand in hand with you to explore your payment options. We're here to simplify the process by reaching out to your medical insurance company, assessing your home care benefits, handling the necessary paperwork, and directly invoicing the insurance provider.

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Looking For Pediatric Care Services?

CARESPHERE serves communities with dedication and commitment. Our pediatric care services are designed to wrap you or loved one in warmth, care, and clinical expertise.

Contact CARESPHERE today for a personalized consultation about your healthcare needs.

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