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Salud Pediátrica en el Hogar es asistencia médica para el bienestar emocional, físico y psicológico de los niños desde su nacimiento hasta la adolescencia. Todos los padres quieren lo mejor para sus hijos y no hay mayor alegría que ver a su hijo vivir una vida feliz y saludable. En CareSphere, tratamos a cada paciente como si fuera uno de los nuestros y su atención médica y personal es de suma importancia para nosotros. Nuestro equipo de profesionales trabajará en estrecha colaboración con el médico de su hijo para brindarle la mejor atención médica pediátrica en su hogar.

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Down syndrome Child in Air Yoga


Your child's well-being and comfort are of utmost importance to every parent. At CARESPHERE, we understand this and ensure that our pediatric home care services meet the highest standards of care and compassion.

Our pediatric home care team, comprising of expert nurses and dedicated home health aides, bring together professionalism and heart. With vast experience catering to the unique needs of pediatric clients, they bridge the gap between medical necessities and the nurturing environment your child deserves.

We collaborate closely with your child’s doctor to seamlessly transition from hospital to home, and to ensure that all medical instructions are diligently followed. Our team remains in constant touch with your child's primary healthcare providers, closely monitoring and supporting the at-home care journey.

Our Range of Pediatric Home Nursing Services 

We specialize in creating a nurturing and safe environment at home, ensuring that each child receives the personalized care they require to thrive. Our services include:

Ventilator Support and Monitoring

Expert Tracheostomy Care

Tube Feedings Management

Assistance with BiPAP/CPAP

Management of Seizure and Cardiac Disorders

Comprehensive Wound Care

Escorting Medically Complex Children to School

IV Therapy Administration

Nebulizer Treatments

Administering Injections

Trauma Nursing Care

Essential Personal Care

Patient and Family Education

24/7 Clinical Support

Specialized Care for Developmentally Delayed Children

CARESPHERE's Commitment to Pediatric Home Health:

Every child's need is unique. Especially when they are medically fragile, it becomes imperative to give them a safe, loving, and comfortable environment. With CARESPHERE, not only do you get a professional care plan but also a commitment to creating a warm home environment tailored to your child’s requirements.

The challenges of raising medically complex children are vast, but with the right partnership, the journey becomes manageable. Let CARESPHERE be your trusted partner, offering unparalleled care and support right within the four walls of your home.

The Role of CARESPHERE's Home Health Team:

Whether your child requires round-the-clock care or occasional visits, our team is equipped to handle all their needs. From managing essential equipment such as feeding tubes, CPAP machines, or IVs, to helping families with daily tasks like light housekeeping and meal prep, CARESPHERE ensures that the family can focus on bonding and cherishing moments together.


Our approach is family-centric. Collaborating with you and your child’s doctor, our primary goal is to ensure the holistic development and wellness of your child.

Get Your Services Covered

At CareSphere, we believe in working hand in hand with you to explore your payment options. We're here to simplify the process by reaching out to your medical insurance company, assessing your home care benefits, handling the necessary paperwork, and directly invoicing the insurance provider.

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Looking For Pediatric Home Care?

CARESPHERE serves communities with dedication and commitment. Our pediatric home care services are designed to wrap your child in warmth, care, and clinical expertise.

Contact CARESPHERE today for a personalized consultation about your child’s healthcare needs at home.

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