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At CareSphere, we are more than just a healthcare company; we are your partner in fostering a holistic and enriching school experience for every child. We firmly believe that every step of a child's educational journey should be marked by learning, growth, and above all, safety. With a deep commitment to these principles, we have tailored our specialized pediatric services to seamlessly integrate within the school environment. Our mission is clear: to ensure that your child continues to receive the finest care, even beyond the confines of home. Our dedicated team, consisting of skilled nurses and proficient Home Health Aides, synergistically collaborate to provide an unparalleled blend of personalized care and professional expertise during school hours. 

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Highlighting Our Pediatric School Services: 

In addition to our focus on creating a nurturing and safe environment at home, we extend our specialized services to the school setting. This ensures that each child not only receives personalized care for their thriving development at home but also continues to benefit from our exceptional support during their school hours. Our comprehensive offerings include: Our services include:

Assistance with school bus journeys.

Comprehensive support during regular school hours and special educational trips.

Overseeing routine school tasks, including dietary requirements and basic necessities.

Ongoing medical supervision for children with specialized health needs.

Deep Dive Into Our Pediatric In-School Care

Catering to a child with specific medical needs isn't merely a profession; it's a calling. Understanding the comprehensive support these children require during school can be overwhelming for many. Our approach aims to bridge this gap. Delivered by certified medical practitioners, our in-school services are all about offering top-tier care even amidst classroom hustle-bustle.


Our dedicated nurses and Home Health Aides bring with them a wealth of experience and genuine passion. Their commitment lies in providing targeted Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC) to children with unique needs. This means not only ensuring safe transportation but also being a constant presence, guiding them through their school day or accompanying them on field trips.


Beyond routine support, our team is equipped to address advanced medical concerns. Be it managing unexpected health episodes, injections, or wound care, our objective remains unchanged: Crafting a secure and nurturing space for every child, reassuring families of their child's well-being.

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Customized Care Blueprints - For Every Child

Often, schools may fall short of specific facilities or expertise to cater to children with distinct medical conditions. While on-campus health services are beneficial, they may not offer the dedicated, individual care that some children need. This is where Caresphere's expertise shines.

Working closely with families and physicians, we design tailored care strategies. These blueprints not only ensure top-notch daily care but also keep families abreast of every aspect of their child's day, creating an environment of trust and transparency.

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Peace Of Mind 
Our Pledge To You!

Our team, composed of both nurses and Home Health Aides, promises specialized pediatric care, be it at home or school. In doing so, we empower children to embrace an enriched, worry-free life, alleviating the intricacies of caring for a child with unique needs. This translates to more quality moments for families, minus the constant apprehensions.

Embark On A Partnership With Out Pediatric School Care

Get Your Services Covered

Your concerns are our priority.


Connect with CareSphere today, or simply fill out the form below. Our representatives await, ready to guide you on enhancing your child’s educational journey.

At CareSphere, we believe in working hand in hand with you to explore your payment options. We're here to simplify the process by reaching out to your medical insurance company, assessing your home care benefits, handling the necessary paperwork, and directly invoicing the insurance provider.

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Looking For Pediatric School Care?

CARESPHERE serves communities with dedication and commitment. Our pediatric school care services are designed to wrap your child in warmth, care, and clinical expertise.

Contact CARESPHERE today for a personalized consultation about your child’s healthcare needs at home.

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